Halloween: 12 spooky events in North Yorkshire…

Autumn sets its glow with warm amber tones, betwixt browns, blacks, golds and reds, reflecting the time of year when spooky Halloween things are going on all around the villages and towns of North Yorkshire and beyond. Watch out for black cats, dangling spiders and lit-up scary-faced Jack O’ Lanterns as you go on your way. Here’s a few hauntingly good ‘happenings’ to keep you entertained. Be prepared, if you dare to spare your nights on some ghoulish delights…

(1) Hallowscream (13-31 October) and Halloween by Day at York Maze (21 October-1 November). There’s plenty of spooky family fun at York Maze this Halloween. Join the Haunted Maze Treasure Hunt along with many other attractions, rides and shows. Every visiting child receives a free pumpkin. More info: http://www.yorkmazehalloween.co.uk/ 

York Maze kids dressing up York Maze boy & pumpkins

(2) York’s CHOCOLATE Story (25 October-2 November) – Want to try some ‘SHOCKolate’ tasting sessions at York’s CHOCOLATE Story this Halloween? Test your nerves by taking part in the tastiest of tasting sessions in the ‘trick or treat’ stakes! Take your chance and spin the ‘Wheel-of-Misfortune’ for a deliciously tasting treat – or… will the wheel have spun you a revoltingly-rotten chocolate trick? Halloween Walking Tours available also. For more info: https://www.yorkschocolatestory.com/event/yorks-shockolate-story

(3) Bats & Beasties’ at the Dales Countryside Museum (21-29 October) – There’s plenty of Halloween fun to be had in the Museum’s ‘Creation Station’, making Halloween crafts. You can also join the trail round the Museum, finding nocturnal beasties as you go, with the excitement of a prize at the trail’s end. Contact Hawes National Park Centre for further info. For more information go to: http://www.dalescountrysidemuseum.org.uk/bats-and-beasties/

(4) Bolton Abbey – Follow the Pumpkin Trail (21-31 October) – Have a go at unravelling the witch’s spell. Follow the Green trail (Cavendish Shop to Strid Wood) mapped out with over-sized pumpkins along the route, and discover the mystery doors which are hidden amongst the trees. Behind each door you’ll find a clue which will help unravel the spell. Further info can be found at: https://boltonabbey.com/whats-on/pumpkin-trail

Bolton Abbey P. TrailBolton Abbey P. Trail2

(5) The Kilnsey Witch at Kilnsey Park (21-29 October) – Come along and meet ‘Old Nan’, the friendly Kilnsey witch, who’ll be brewing up a treat along with her witch-in-training. Enjoy some great spell-making and spooky stories whilst sat around the camp-fire, enjoying toasted marshmallows. Join in the carved pumpkin hunt. More details: info@kilnseypark.co.uk + kilnseypark.co.uk

(6) Thorp Perrow Arboretum (14 October-5 November) – Ghouls and ghosts are back again to haunt the Arboretum. Are you daring enough to complete the “spooktacular” scary Halloween Trail? Bring your little pumpkins along for some scary fun. For more details: thorpperrow.com Thorp Perrow Halloween

(7) Lightwater (‘Frightwater’) Valley (26-29 ‘Shocktober’) –Lightwater really does become ‘Frightwater’ Valley this time of year as ghastly ghouls and strange beasties lurk around creepy corners. The darker the night – the scarier the fright!!! Try the Monster Door Knock – knock loudly to be sure to be heard – but what will you receive? Will it be a trick, or a treat? With the Frightwater Express Scare Train, Icon Avenue, Eagles’ Creep Farm and Live Scare Maze and much more, there’s plenty to keep you alert! More info @: https://www.lightwatervalley.co.uk/events/frightwater-valley-2017


Frightwater Halloween

(8) ‘Steam & Scream’ @ North Yorkshire Moors Railway (26-29 October) – Hop on board the Halloween Train and be taken down the line to Levisham on a spooky journey. Frightful tales and scary songs will be regaled from Vinnie Vampire to Wendy Witch. Tricks and treats along the way, and Halloween Activity Bags too. For further info: https://www.nymr.co.uk/Event/halloween-train

NYMR Halloween TrainNYMR Halloween Steam & Scream

(9) A Spooky Half Term & Halloween at the Illuminated Abbey (25-31 October) – Whitby Abbey comes under real “spooktacular” spotlight (or, in fact, several coloured lights), as the glowing Abbey ruins cascade a dramatic light over the town and harbourside. Plenty of frightening fun things can be expected. Watch the story of Dracula unfold before your very eyes. Prepare (if you dare) to meet the Victorian Undertaker who’ll tell the whole gruesome truth about Victorian England’s life expectancy. Watch out for the Resurrection man who will be regaling eerie, spine-chilling tales of grave robbing and follow the Halloween challenge trail. Watch  for creepy things whilst treading the route and following for clues around the Abbey. More info: http://www.english-heritage.org.uk/visit/whats-on/halloween-half-term-whitby-abbey-21-10-2017/


(10) North York Moors National Park Centre, Danby  – Ghostly Treasure Hunt – Scour around the grounds to seek out the ‘ghosts’. Discover some of the scary folklore before claiming your treasure. More info: http://www.northyorkmoors.org.uk/visiting/whats-on/nym-events/ghostly-treasure-hunt

NYMNPA Halloween

(11) North York Moors National Park Centre, Danby – Half Term Fun – Come and join in with some spooky Halloween craft time, from craft-making to witch-hunting, creepy creatures, finding fabulous fungus and creating cosy homes for hedgehogs. Learn how to make some ghoulish, ghostly Halloween crafts and have great fun. For further info: http://www.northyorkmoors.org.uk/visiting/whats-on/nym-events/halloween-crafts

(12) Whitby Goth Weekend (27-29 October) is always set around Halloween night is a firm favourite on Whitby’s annual events calendar. Whitby Pavilion plays host to the main events which include the Goth Market (Bizarre Bazaar) selling all things Gothic – including jewellery, clothing, art and music. Throughout the weekend lots of local hotels and pubs play host to great live music performances, frequented by Goths, Punks, Bikers and Steampunks who don themselves in amazing, unique costumes, creating a dramatic atmosphere and a place for people of all ages to enjoy. More info at: http://www.whitbygothweekend.co.uk/

Jack O Lantern halloween pumpkin on black background. Close up with copy space. 3d render