Best places to run in Yorkshire

This post has been written by Grace, our wonderful work experience extraordinaire! 

There are many places to run in Yorkshire. Due to the scenic views and miles of countryside there are plenty of good runs. So, if you’re looking for a new route to try, check out some of our favourite places to run in North Yorkshire.

The Dales Way

For example one of the running trails is The Dales Way. This is located in Kettlewell, a small village in the heart of Wharfedale. This involves a fairly easy riverside run, as you can choose your distance easily as there are lots of circuit routes.

However, if you are a high endurance runner you may prefer other routes for example the Buckden Pike. This is on the hills on either side of the dales way and involves hillside running. There are also cafes and accommodation in Kettlewell, which can be used for running brakes.

woman running in Yorkshire

The Nidderdale Way

Another good place to run around Yorkshire is the Nidderdale Way. This is a 12-20 mile run and consists of; following the Nidderdale way to Middlemoor west of the river, the main track to scar house reservoir, for the 12 miles run. For the 20 mile run you go up to great Whernside where you continue on a high path to Ramsgill.

The Cleveland Way

The Cleveland Way is full of spectacular routes you can enjoy. But, the run we want to draw your attention to is based is Osmotherly. It’s a good place for group runners as they have lots of accommodations including a youth hostel.

There’s a wide variety of trails, however the Cleveland Way if a mixture of heather moorland, woodland and paved trails. The distance can also vary from 10-110 miles. The Cleveland Way is one of the very best ways to see the full beauty of the North York Moors.

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The Wainwright Cost To Cost Path in Swaledale

This route involves grassy tracks and slippery rock paths. It is a run from Reeth to Richmond and back which is 20 miles, however you can also get a bus back if you only want to do the 10miles. Another option is to circle back round, as there are many diversions you can make in all parts of the Swaledale section.

When’s the best time to go running?

Running is possible throughout the year, all you need is a good pair of running shoes and a killer playlist. However, the trails can get boggy in mid-winter which can make it tricky. So, if you are running in the winter, we recommend valley trails and routes with well-maintained paths.

We think the best months for running in Yorkshire are from May to October. In the spring months it’s especially nice, as all the flowers are starting to blossom and you can feel the sluggishness of winter slipping away.

10k races in Yorkshire

Yorkshire loves a good 10k and there are lots you can get involved with. Here are just a few you might want to test your skills at in 2020:

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