320 million years of history at Brimham Rocks

Brimham Rocks are a fantastic Yorkshire spectacle. They’re the perfect day out for all, it’s a place for families to play, a gorgeous spot for a romantic picnic, and a fabulous place exercise whether you’re walking or climbing.

What are Brimham Rocks?

Brimham Rocks are giant rock formations created over 100 million years before even the dinosaurs walked the Earth. They were created by a colossal river that once rushed over the surface of our world.

Over 320 million years, the elements have battered these giants. Wind, rain, ice, and the movement of our continents have shaped the way they look. Spending time at Brimham Rocks is a fascinating journey through pre-history.

Brimham Rocks with a clear blue sky

Walks around Brimham Rocks

There are some truly stunning walks around Brimham Rocks suitable for all. Follow the paths for a gentle amble around the most iconic formations just 10 minutes away from the car park. Or, get adventurous and strike off on your own to clamber over the rocks and pick your own route through the site.

The site is cared for by the National Trust, which has some fantastic guides you can download to your smartphone with walks around Brimham Rocks. You can try your hand at GeoSpotting, orienteering, and learn more about geology on their suggested routes.

Check out the great walks around Brimham Rocks

Climbing at Brimham Rocks

It’s too tempting not to try climbing at Brimham Rocks. You’re welcome to have a little scramble up the more accessible rocks, but can also take part in structured climbing sessions. Just be careful, as the heights and sudden drops can be dangerous.

Harrogate Climbing Centre runs sessions from ages 7 and up for a variety of different climbing styles.

You can try:

  • Bouldering with a crash mat to explore the lower parts of rock faces. This is the best for beginners and an instructor keeps their eye on your safety.
  • Roped climbing gives you the security of an indoor rope wall with the stunning scenery of Niddlerdale. You’ll use a system of ropes to scale tall rock faces.
  • Weaseling is perfect for kids who like to explore secret nooks and crannies. They’ll enjoy tight spaces and twisting passages in the natural rock formations.
  • Abseiling is a real treat for those who like a bit of adventure. Make your way down the tallest points of Brimham Rocks.

view of Brimham Rocks from the visitor centre

Facilities at Brimham Rocks

There are some fantastic facilities at the rocks. Their toilet facilities are open between 6am to 5:30pm every day. There’s a visitor’s centre and National Trust gift shop, as well as a local food kiosk which sells hot and cold drinks and sweet and savoury treats.


The site is managed by the National Trust, so it’s free for members. Simply scan your card at the parking ticket dispenser and head on in. For non-members, you only have to pay to park, which costs £6 for 4 hours, or £8 for the day for cars. Larger vehicles must book in advance.

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