Crafty Christmas decorations for kids

We’re not sure what Christmas will look like in 2020, but we know you’ll want to make it as special as possible! To help get you and the family in the festive spirit, we’ve got lots of ideas for crafting some Christmas decorations that you can make together.

Christmas paper snowflakes and scissors

Christmas garlands

You can make Christmas garlands out of anything! Ribbons, sweets, felt, paper… whatever materials you have to hand. Here, we’ll talking you through making a simple paper garland with your kids.

First, you’ll need to create your shapes. Think snowflakes, Christmas trees, baubles, candy canes, stockings and gingerbread men. Create a basic template of your shapes for your kids to draw around, cut out and decorate on different coloured card.

Once you’ve got 20 or so shapes, you’re ready to string them together. Punch a hole in the top of each design so you can thread your string through, tying a knot around each one to hold it in place. Alternatively, you can staple your shapes onto your string or ribbon.

Origami Christmas bauble

You can find lots of amazing templates for origami Christmas baubles online. They look really great on your tree and the hard work you put into making them makes it extra special.

Take a look at this wiki how guide to making an origami Christmas tree:

Paperchase also have a great guide to making origami Christmas baubles: 

Christmas spirals

Christmas spiral guide

These are really easy to make and need nothing other than some Christmassy paper, a pencil, scissors and piece of spring.

Take a spare piece of wrapping paper and draw out a large spiral on the plain underside. Have a curvy top to your spiral and a nice point at the end. You can then carefully cut it out.

Once you’ve cut out your spiral, you can use your pencil to piece a small hole in the top, curved edge. Through this hole, you can then thread your string through and tie it off, allowing you to hang your spiral.

Christmas lanterns

Old jars or cans can be transformed this year into stunning Christmas lanterns. If you’re using cans, make sure you tape off the sharp edges before you get creative!

Thoroughly clean out your can or jar and remove any original labels so you’re free to work. Kids can then paint seasonal pictures onto the can, or paper mâché coloured tissue paper onto the jar. For cans, once the paint has dried, you can then carefully drill holes in a star, tree, or random pattern. Put a candle inside and then the light can escape through the holes or the tissue paper.

Wrapping paper garlands

After wrapping your presents, you might find that you’ve got lots of straggly bits of paper left over. They don’t need to go to waste! Save up these odd bits of wrapping and transform them into a festive garland with your family.

It’s really easy to do. Gather all your remaining bits of wrapping paper together and cut them into thin strips of equal length. Start your garland off by making a simple circle out of the paper strips by using glue, or tape, to attach the two ends together. The circle should be around the size of a bracelet.

Then, working as a team, take another strip of your wrapping paper and thread it through your first circle. Then, use your glue or tape to secure the ends of this second piece to make two interlinking circles. Your garland is under way now, and you can keep adding more and more circles until you’ve reached your desired length.

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We hope these simple crafty Christmas decorations have inspired you and help to get you in the Christmas spirit. If you make any, send us a picture of the completed decoration on Facebook or Twitter!