Forest of Galtres Society

The Forest of Galtres stretched northwards from Bootham Bar at York, and was an ancient Royal Hunting Forest up to the reign of King Charles the 1st (who ordered it to be deforested). It was a favourite hunting place for Royalty and it is mentioned in the Doomsday Book.

The eponymous Society is an organisation devoted to promoting education and awareness of local history and conservation in and around the area of the former Easingwold Rural District Council and in the wider country.

The Society was formed in 1953, so is one of the oldest civic societies.  It organises visits to stately homes, country houses and museums; keeps a close eye on planning decisions to try to ensure that new buildings or refurbishments are in keeping with the area; holds lectures on a range of local and more widely based topics; is involved in archaeological digs and fieldtrips (under professional guidance); and promotes a number of small projects to enhance or maintain the local environment.

Recent fieldwalking, undertaken with the guidance of the York Archaeological Trust, has unearthed a thin curved flint scraper and numerous flint chips from a local farm, and a host of ancient potsherds were found near Coxwold.

The next lecture hosted by the Society will be held in October and will cover the interesting topic of the “History of the Yorkshire Pub”.

More information about this society, which provides such an essential role in the preservation of and education about the local area is available on the Society’s website here: