Join us to celebrate Yorkshire Day!

Celebrated every year on 1st August is Yorkshire Day and it’s the perfect excuse to come and explore all the natural beauty and fun activities in our wonderful county.

History of Yorkshire Day

Yorkshire Day has a history of struggle, protest and overcoming adversity. It was originally a military holiday known as Minden Day stemming from the Seven Years’ War and a particularly awful battle on 1st August 1759. The first of August is also the day that slaves were emancipated in the UK in 1834. There’s lots of important historical significance attached to the date.

In 1975, the Yorkshire Ridings Society leveraged the day of historical resistance for themselves.  They used the day as a celebration of Yorkshire and as a protest against the re-organisation of local government in 1974. Nearly every year since, the Society have hosted a Yorkshire Day celebration to show their Yorkshire pride.

Malham Cove on Yorkshire Day

On Yorkshire Day, there is a civic gathering of local leaders in different towns and cities across the county, including local mayors hosted by the Yorkshire Ridings Society. They also read the Yorkshire Declaration of Integrity that reminds everyone of Yorkshire’s foundation in 875 AD.

In 2019, the official celebrations are taking place in Whitby, but there will be events all over Yorkshire that you can get involved in. Each year, a different town or city in the county hosts the celebrations. In the past, it’s been held in Ripon, Malton, Scarborough, Skipton, Leeds and Huddersfield. It travels all over the biggest county in England.

This year’s event is in Whitby for good reason, coinciding with Captain Cook, one of Yorkshire’s most famous son’s, first arrival in New Zealand 250 years ago, and we are pleased to be able to add to the Town’s celebrations of this historic event.

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