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e-bike Hire


Offering the freedom of "self-hire" and a whole new way of cycling without the hard pedalling, e-bike Hire offers the chance to drive less and enjoy the sights of the beautiful Yorkshire Dales and North York Moors and still feel energised at the end of the day.


Our e-bikes take the hard work out of cycling so you can fully enjoy your ride

Improve fitness levels - exercise at your own personal level

Save money and keep fit

Reduces your carbon footprint

Guided tours available in the Yorkshire Dales and North Yorkshire Moors

Bike Shop - Bikes also for sale

Self-Hire - collect your e-bike for a full day’s hire at any of our bike tour hubs


All our bikes are road tested in the Yorkshire Dales - fully safe and secure

Three types to hire or buy: Traditional, Mid-Range and Contemporary

Contemporary range is known to be the finest world-wide

All at sensible prices, well designed and excellent quality

Cycle to work schemes for employers - carbon neutral, clean and cool!

For a total new and unique concept in cycling and a fantastic way to keep healthy and fit, saving transport costs at the same time - why not hire one of our all new electric bikes? Riding an e-bike ensures that you are also reducing your carbon footprint too, which is good news, and allows you to drive less and see more! It's an exhilarating experience. And there's no fuel, road tax or insurance either. Traditional, mid-range and contemporary levels are available to buy. Our bikes are built to outstanding quality levels and will handle, perform and ride with exceptional ease.

Our bikes are for hire or even for sale and being electrically driven, allowing you to enjoy your biking experience without all the extra hard pedalling power! Travelling uphill's a breeze! You'll still have lots of energy left at the end of the day whilst enjoying all that lovely fresh air.

Our Tours and Self-Hire are based in the Yorkshire Dales. Visit our website for further details.


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