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Ingleton Waterfalls Trail


Ingleton Waterfalls Trail in the Yorkshire Dales features some of the most spectacular woodland and waterfall scenery the North of England has to offer.

This famous Waterfalls Trail in the magnificent Yorkshire Dales leads you through oak woodland and fantastic scenery via geological features and stunning waterfalls. The Trail is 4.5 miles long (8km).

Since the 18th Century, Ingleton has been famous for its caves and diverse mountain scenery. The first trail opened in April 1885 (charging an entrance fee of 2d). The Trail became so popular that in June 1888 the amount of visitors recorded as visiting Ingleton in one specific, singular day was 3,840 people. Today, nearly 130 years since its opening to the public, thousands of visitors arrive each year to visit the ancient woodlands and spectacular waterfalls.

The Trail is made up of various sections, starting with Swilla Glen which is the Triai’s first section, then on to Pecca Falls, Hollybush Spout and Thornton Force, Twisleton Lane, Beezley Falls, then Rival Falls, Baxenghyll Gorge and finally Snow Falls. The final stage takes you through Ingleton village and on to the car park where the walk starts and ends.

The rich variety of plant life and geological features you’ll view along the way is what prompted the declaration of “Site of Specific Interest” to the Ingleton Glens by Natural England.

£7 per adult and £3 per child. The prices include all day car parking at the start of the trail.

Open at 9am, 7 days a week throughout the year (closed Christmas Day). Closing times vary depending the season. Please check website for further information. 


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