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Richmondshire Museum


A local museum with many popular displays including Roman artefacts, toys through the ages and an "All Creatures Great and Small" film set.


Cruck House

"All Creatures Great and Small" film set

Chemist's Shop

Grocer's Shop

Post Office


Open daily from April-October

Opened in 1974 Richmondshire Museum is home to a varied selection of different exhibits, including a model of Richmond Station with its transport gallery, a reconstruction of a chemist's shop, post office and a film set from "All Creatures Great and Small" as well as a grocer's shop.

There is also a Cruck House which was originally built in 15th Century in Ravensworth only 5 miles from the museum. It was planned to be demolished over thirty years ago but was moved stone by stone to the museum and is there for you to view.  

The Wenham Gallery displays a vast range of artefacts dating back to prehistoric times right up to the modern day. Children will love the new Discovery Centre. It is created from a 1900 painting showing life in Richmond at that time and the people in the painting are brought to life and express the feelings of Richmond long ago.

Open from Easter until end of October


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