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The Hawes Ropemakers


Family-run rope makers for over 100 years based in the beautiful Market Town of Hawes, North Yorkshire.


Witness the traditional way of rope-making

Visit many rooms along the tour – ropemaking machine room, braiding, winding, old rope walk, dog lead section, bell rope area, barrier/bannister/stair rope area.

Educational Visits most welcome (generally 1 hour escorted tour of the factory and shop, watching ropes being made and viewing the Ropeworks video.

Rope Puzzles area – mounted knot-boards have a go at tying knots, and discover many other styles as you wander through our Ropeworks.


Refreshments Room (vending machines for hot and cold drinks and snacks)

Shop – an Aladdin’s Cave of excellent merchandise on sale including washing lines, skipping ropes etc.

Lots of excellent informative notice boards

Wheelchair friendly walkway

Car and Coach Parking in the Old Station Car Park (adjacent to the Ropeworks premises)

Public Toilets nearby

If you’re spending a day in Hawes, come and visit the Hawes Ropemakers (only 100 yards from the Dales Countryside Museum and large car park). Watch the skilled craft of traditional rope-making in progress from thin strands of yarn twisted in the traditional way to form very strong ropes and see the twist being put in our various ropes of different thicknesses which include: bell ropes, bannister/stair ropes, barrier ropes, dog leads, various other pet accessories and many different braids.

In our refreshments room (formerly the Candlewick Room), sit back, relax and watch a 9 minute rope-making video (which is also available to buy in the shop). Information boards exhibit many interesting facts on the candlewicks, bannister ropes and the restoration of the Wensleydale Railway.

Outhwaite’s Ropemakers are one of only four specific Bell Ropemakers left in this Country. Our ropes are hand-made from flax and include pure wool handles (known as ‘sallies’). Bell Ropes are despatched to Churches all over the country and travel as far away as Australia and America.

Snacks with hot and cold drinks are available from our vending machines. Crayons and paper are ready at the waiting for entertaining our younger visitors with a competition for the best picture.

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