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Yorkshire Trike Tours


A trike tour through the most beautiful scenery the Yorkshire Dales has to offer - a once in a lifetime experience you'll never forget.


Excellent tours through the beautiful Yorkshire Dales (check the website for further info)

3 seater Boom Mustang Family Trike

Special Tour celebrating DAY 1 of 'Le Tour Yorkshire' - ride the day without pushing a peddle!

Chauffer driven - just sit back, relax and enjoy seeing the Yorkshire Dales in splendour

Meet and greet locations

Gift vouchers for holidays, birthdays, Christmas, etc.


For Tours over an hour refreshments (tea/coffee, hot chocolate and snacks) are available

Trike fitted with safety bar and seat belts for your comfort and safety

Helmets with Bluetooth for communication with the chauffer and other traveller

One piece ride suits, jackets, gloves and glasses all provided for the journey

Experience the spectacular Yorkshire Dales like never before. Being chauffeur driven on our three seater Trike is an experience like no other. It has the comfort and safety of a car with the excitement and freedom of a motorbike. Our tours suit all ages and occasions so take a look to see what we have to offer. You won't want to miss the experience of being driven around the Yorkshire Dales, so come and join us for this most excellent adventure. The once in a lifetime experience of a trike tour through the beautifully stunning Yorkshire Dales is a tour you'll never forget. You will definitely want to tell your friends all about this amazing adventure.


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